You think you know my heart and probably do it.
You close your eyes while I look at you,
we are a beautiful thing together, even when everything goes wrong,
we can find the rainbow if we look at the sky.
You said: do not cry, everything will be fine.

You know all my secrets, as I know yours,
together we make the hours be seconds making the weight of the world feel like a feather, because you make me be who I am,
what makes me smile when I fall.

because all I see is look at me from afar while you talk to her and try to pretend that everything is fine, but it's not like that.
There is a different story in my mind where we are you and me together, forgetting what they told us, we will live in our own world of dreams.
Something that is inside of you makes me be myself.
No matter what happens, I always go back again and again
You are watching me from that old tree,
your arms around me say that I stay, I fight and your lips.
You are sitting next to me wrapping our hands, as if that were normal.
We are not what we seem.

I am the one who comforts you when you are wrong, but I still believe that we are a beautiful thing even if you only see leaves that can not be returned.
It's just love in the brain, "you said.
I did not look at anything trying to smile, it made me see you with different eyes but you did not help.
I dedicated myself to be fair to myself by breaking the book I wanted to write with you, you sent a signal that you wanted to burn it.