hey guys! long time no see, haha. anyways, today's article is going to be about adding a few things to make your style more interesting. enjoy :)


1. layering necklaces

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i personally love layering necklaces, i do it with about every outfit. i usually go for a choker and a small necklace, but that's just my preference. i think necklaces can make you look like you spent more time on your outfit, even though you only spent up to a minute putting them on.

2. colored sunglasses

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colored sunglasses is a trend that i am in love with. it adds a pop of color to any plain outfit and they go with just about anything. i'll surely be wearing these everyday during the summer.

3. add rips

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whether it be a shirt or pants, ripping can add a really cool effect on lots of clothes. so grab a few old tees and jeans and start ripping! you can easily transform a pair of jeans you didn't like into something you'll want to wear daily.

4. customize

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customizing your clothes can definitely make your style more interesting. whether your cropping a t-shirt or adding patches to a denim jacket, it can make any boring piece more unique.

5. add fishnets

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fishnet tights are a great way to transform a simple outfit to a more unique one. there's different types of fishnet, the really wide ones (i'm not sure how to describe them) and then there is some that are more close together. both look really cool so it's up to you to choose which one you prefer!

6. belts

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belts are an easy way to pull your whole outfit together. i usually get my belts from goodwill since they're a lot cheaper than other stores. for more thrifting tips, check out my 'thrifting 101' article:

7. socks, socks, & more socks

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cute socks adds a cool touch to outfits, especially short jeans where your socks stick out. if you don't have any jeans that would show them, i usually roll my jeans up to let them peak through.


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