Hola, my lovelies! I've seen a lot of these going around & thought it was a cute and fun way to get to know people. So here's my spin on it ✨


beauty, makeup, and woman image girl, fashion, and jeans image nike, jeans, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and black image
My style is pretty simple I would think. I'm into the "casual but trendy" look.


red, rose, and aesthetic image alternative, grunge, and pink image clouds, sky, and sea image aesthetic, rose, and alternative image
Red & Pastels are my favorite


cat image amazing, blue, and dogs image animal, penguin, and cute image elephant, animal, and summer image


the simpsons, sarcastic, and funny image Image by 줄리아 bts, meme, and jhope image bts, jimin, and meme image
A sarcastic, snarky little shit that is done with people's bullshit 99% of the time, but also loves giving and receiving love. Also known as a meme qween


music, red, and neon image book, coffee, and autumn image quotes, write, and book image red, music, and aesthetic image
Music & Writing


the walking dead, twd, and daryl dixon image friends, Jennifer Aniston, and monica geller image shameless, favorite tv shows, and epic shows image Image removed
The Walking Dead, Friends, Shameless (U.S), Skins (U.K)


Seventeen, dino, and jun image rex orange county image tyler the creator and flowers image bts, jimin, and jin image Amy Winehouse, singer, and amy image camila cabello and icon image
Seventeen, Rex Orange County, Tyler the Creator, BTS, Amy Winehouse, Camila Cabello ♡


aesthetic, beautiful, and black image sky, clouds, and travel image book and aesthetic image guitar, pastel, and pink image
Concerts, Travel, Reading, Music

I hope you learned a bit about me! ✨