Hi!, today I come to bring some romance books that in my opinion are very good and that bring me nostalgia.

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-1st book: Halo - Alexandra Adornetto
this book in the romance issue (not forgetting, that it is not a book that only addresses the theme love, but that goes beyond with a story that tackles various subjects.)
reminds me of my teenage years in mid 2013/2014, it reminds me how easy it was to fall in love with someone first, what it was like to be with someone uncomplicated, not thinking too much about the '' sex '' factor, a novel written for teenagers who had their doubts about what it was like to like someone, which in that year was not seen in the same way as teenagers see now, I always want to remember that part of my adolescence I see myself reading some parts that marked this book.

-2nd book: AFTER - Anna Todd
When I started reading AFTER I was 15/16 years old, my opinion of this book in relation to a relationship was completely different from what I have today, especially in relation to abusive relationships, sex and the way he is / he it's seen.
Of course I understand my side when I stop to analyze, I was 15 when I read the first book, so I had no idea what an abusive relationship really can be. I saw Hardin as a very jealous and complicated guy, because I had a difficult childhood, but I know today that there are no excuses for such a wrong and abusive behavior that he had with Tessa.

So it was a very intense novel, I do not say that it is a bad book on the contrary, I really liked the series, but it is a book that one should read carefully and really understand the context of the story

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-3rd book: Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë
Certainly Wuthering Heights is my favorite book, I was 12 when I read it, it was the first book I read and I fell in love, I will never forget it.
A story so well written and told, I will always be sad because it is a tragic novel, but that is what makes it such a unique book.

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-4th book: The Curse of the Tiger - Colleen Houck
This love story is so beautiful and so thoughtful, and that's why I always tell people to read. The Indian culture that Colleen Houck presents to us is simply perfect and with well-studied and written tales. The romance between Kelsey and Prince Dhiren is so beautiful and strong those who take your breath away, that makes you not want to drop the book until you're finished and want to get the next one and do the same thing, makes us cry without even noticing, also teaches us so much, a culture so rich in knowledge, simply a book impossible to fall in love with.

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OK, these are some romance books that I always point out, in my opinion everyone should read and fall in love. if someone is looking for books in this genre, but can not find any that you like, send me a message and I'll go through a list with other incredible books. by: lays 📖💞 xoxo