Inspired by Jin´s article:


1. a song with a color in the title

Yellow • Coldplay

black and white, Chris Martin, and coldplay image

2. a song with a number in the title

21 Guns • Green Day

3. a song that reminds me of summertime

Reality • Lost Frequencies, Janieck Devy

4. a song that reminds me of someone I'd rather forget

Liability • Lorde

5. a song that needs to be played loud

Rest In Pieces • Saliva

6. a song that makes me wanna dance

I Saw Her Standing There • The Beatles

beatles and gif image

7. a song to drive to

Under Pressure • Queen, David Bowie

8. a song about drugs or alcohol

Rehab • Amy Winehouse

9. a song that makes me happy

Spirits • The Strumbellas

10. a song that makes me sad

Look What You´ve Done • Jet

11. a song I never get tired of

Everybody´s Changing • Keane

12. a song from my preteen days

Bring Me To Life • Evanescence

13. a song that's good and has a good music video

Buddy Holly • Weezer

90's, happy days, and gif image

14. a song I´d love to be played at my wedding

Quelqu'un m'a dit • Carla Bruni

15. a song that's sexy

River • Bishop Briggs

16. a song that's a classic favourite

Lemon Tree • Fools Garden

17. a song I'd sing a duet with a friend at karaoke

Smile • Uncle Kracker

18. a song that has a food ingredient on the title

i didnt found any lol

19. a powerful song

Bohemian Rhapsody • Queen

gif and Queen image

20. a song that has many meanings to me

Afraid • The Neighbourhood

21. a song I like with a person's name in the title

Johnny Boy • Twenty One Pilots

22. a song I like that's a cover by another artist

Can't Help Falling In Love • Twenty One Pilots

23. a song I think everybody should listen to

You & Me • Disclosure, ELIZA, Flume

boy, girl, and passion image

24. a song by a band I wish were still together

Disenchanted • My Chemical Romance

25. a collab song I like

We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) • Fun

26. a song that makes me want to be in love

Us • Regina Spektor

27. a song that breaks my heart

The Reason • Hoobastank

28. a song by an artist whose voice I love

the lonely • Christina Perry

29. a song that makes me wanna drop down law

Rock N Roll • Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne and rock n roll image

30. a song that reminds me of something sad

Before You Start Your Day • Twenty One Pilots

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