hello :) I'm Amy, I'm going to start doing a 30 day challenge so you guys can get to know me . Enjoy!

alrighty lets start with 11 random facts about me. because really theres no better way to start ;)

1. i have light brown hair, green eyes, light skin thats kinda naturally tanned and glasses.

2. i play piano and clarinet. i like to play jazz or classical music on the piano.

3. i have an account on instagram where i talk about my life and post tumblr pictures. ( @bliss.moods go follow it )

4. my favourite netflix show is gilmore girls

5. i live in canada

6. my favourite song is redbone by childish gambino

7. i have a rose gold iPhone 7 but i wish it were black

8. my favourite food is cake

9. i don't have freckles, but i wish i did

10. i have probably read atlas 1000 books in my life and i love them

11. my favourite starbucks drink is an iced chai tea latte

well thats all! ill be back soon.

xoxo, amy ッ