You know, how we always try to point out the "bad guy" especially in a break up. How it is always the person who broke up, who are the one at fault or the .. yeah well the bad one.
I guess it is not always like that. Maybe, just maybe it is not always the case but sometimes the one breaking up may be the one to see the problem first. I'm not trying to defend anyone, do not misunderstand me.
I am just saying, maybe it is the case.
I think most people, who are broken up with is hurt - greatly. But the person breaking up with you is hurting too. You do not just fall out of love one day to another. In that case, they did never love you. But that is another story. Both are human. Both have feelings. And somehow both is meant to move on for one reason or another.
Maybe it felt like you were going from lovers to roommates?
Maybe it did not feel right anymore after a long time?
Maybe something got more interesting?
Maybe it was not meant to be you?
In the end whatever awful reason or truth that hurt you it is better to move on even if it hurts than to be lead on and lied to for the rest of your life. You do not want that either. Even if it is somehow tempting..

I am just saying.. Do not point fingers at others for hurting you, your friend or loved ones. The "bad one" have feelings as well.
And they will be hurting too, maybe even more.
Because it hurts as much to break up as it does to be broken up with.