HOOLLLA!! I've seen many #ThisIsMeChallenge articles around We Heart It and I love reading them so thought I would try writing one myself. It's basically me describing myself in pictures.


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image black, girl, and fashion image
I really like matching black bottoms with white tops, sweaters, shirts and then add accessories.
fashion, style, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image
I also love suits, I literally live in them. I love the fact that you're comfortable and still well dressed and elagant.


wallpaper, feather, and background image quote image quotes, book, and poetry image book, girl, and bed image
I loooooove white, tree color and ice blue. I'm not a big fan of black thought.


toby, pretty little liars, and couple image lucy hale, ashley benson, and pretty little liars image
Pretty Little Liars
kj apa, cole sprouse, and riverdale image cole sprouse, riverdale, and lili reinhart image
fbi and blindspot image blindspot image
friends, funny, and bitch image firends, funny, and tv series image
white collar, neal caffrey, and matt bomer image gif, white collar, and tv show image
White Collar
gossip girl, blair waldorf, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image Image by Amrita Jheeta
Gossip Girl
gilmore girls and rory gilmore image gilmore girls image
Gilmore Girls
stranger things, finn wolfhard, and gaten matarazzo image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and gaten matarazzo image
Stranger Things
scandal, tv, and kerry washington image edit, fandom, and series image
stranger things image netflix, vintage, and tumblr image
Okay so I love tv series. Those are my favorite, they all have the things i love in a series, romance, drama, excitement and A LOT of episodes.


julia roberts, pretty woman, and 90s image julia roberts, pretty woman, and smile image
Pretty woman
love, girl, and boy image hugh grant, julia roberts, and movie image
Notting Hill
Image by 👑 harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image
Harry Potter


soccer and soccer women image beauty, street style, and woman image quotes, adventure, and yes image Image removed music and world image
I've got a lot of different passions and they change all the time but those are the ones that never change. Soccer, traveling, art (drawing and painting), writing and music.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by AP
I LOOOVE GIRAFFES. They are the most beautiful creature out there, so big and so unique.


dance, friendship, and gif image romantic, funny, and monster image love, funny, and quotes image friends, quotes, and hug image dreamer, idiot, and quotes image gilmore girls, stupid, and people image
I'm 99% of the time happy, I fall in love with everyone in 2 seconds and bossy people irritate the hell out of me.


flowers, sunflower, and yellow image girl, flowers, and sunflower image


quotes, beautiful, and words image study, book, and school image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beauty, girl, and hair image gorgeous, working out, and site model image Image by CaroReyes_21
I love travelling and working out. I drink way to much coffee and listen to all the music I have time for.


fruit and strawberry image food, sushi, and fish image greatfood image coffee image
I love fruit, all kinds of pasta and sushi AND OF COURSE COFFEE


behind the scenes, friendship, and funny image friendship, friends, and funny image
I listen to all kinds of different music and I love old music like 9-5 by Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen. But I LOOVOOEOEVEE Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Taylor is literally the love of my life.


backstage, gif, and Taylor Swift image Image by 🐻 Jaimie Alexander, thor, and woman image Image by mabel brunette, funny, and gif image love, gossip girl, and quotes image lili reinhart, riverdale, and betty cooper image actor, beautiful girl, and Jennifer Lawrence image
Okay so those 8 woman are my main role models + my mom. As you see there are some actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Lauren Graham, Lili ReinHart, Jaimie Alexander and Blake Lively and with those I love both the characters they play and their personality irl. Then there is Karlie Kloss who isn't just my favorite model but she does so much more then just modeling. Then there is Ellen and Portia which is my dream couple, I love them so much. AND THEN THERE IS TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT. I love her so much, she means everything.

Thank you for reading Xx
See ya in the next article