11 feburary 2018


what is the #StayWithMe Initiative?
it is to help those who are suffering from mental illness such as depression, anxiety, suicide and so on.

it is ran by @alana_mae_m. i found this idea wonderful and just really kind of her to do this.

if you are anyone or knows anyone who goes through mental illness and would like for someone to talk to them, continue reading this

if you would like to be helper which is uplifting someone who is going through a hard time, continue reading this.

when joining:
Please provide these basic details to @alana_mae_m when joining so that she can find you the perfect partner:

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • Country you are from (For Time Zone Purposes)
  • Whether you would like to be a helper or are in need of a helper
  • A short description about you and what you would need help in or what how you are suitable to help and be a good friend!
(this article has more information about the project)