I was on the Articles section of WHI and I found this tag and I liked the uniqueness of it so here I am sharing my version of it with you lovelies. I'm also realign my real name.

โ˜ผ M I K A Y L A โ˜ผ


1. Gasoline - Halsey
2. 2 cigarettes - Jack & Jack
3. Everything Is Yours - Khelani
4.Coffee Bean - Travis Scott
5. The Devil Within - Digital Daggers

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1. Black or White [movie]
2. Black Panther [movie]
3. The Duff [movie]
4. The Fosters [tv show]
5. Finding Carter [tv show]
6. If I stay [movie]
7. 13 reason why [ tv show]

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3| Characteristics

1. Goofy
2. Intelligent
3. Emotional
4. Hyperactive
5. Impulsive
6. Abnormal
7. Loving

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4| Celebrities

1. Khelani [musician]
2. Rihanna [musician]
3. Maggie Lindemann [model and musician]
4. Troian Bellsarino [actress from PLL]
5. Ryan Destiny [actress from STAR]
6. Jack Gilinsky {musician}
7. Jack Johnson {musician}

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5| Random

1. I'm hungry
2. I love Jack Gilinsky
3. I write books on wattpad
4. I'm a retired muser
5. My aunt Jackie died today

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