i can see it. i can see you kissing her like you used to kiss me.

i can hear it. i can hear you telling her "i love you" like you just told me before.

i can feel it. i can feel you breaking her heart like you just broke mine a year ago.

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but isn´t that what she deserves? i mean he cheated on me with her, what was she thinking? that he could be the love of her life? once a cheater, always a cheater, right? should i warn her? after all she wasn´t the first girl, which he cheated on me with. but does she know this? probably not. poor girl.

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maybe he has changed. maybe he´s another person now, a better person. but well, who am i kidding. he´s selfish, arrogant and the devil himself. i really don´t want to know how many hearts he has already broken and nevertheless how many girls are crawling back to him unfortunately.

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on the first sight he looks really handsome. he has that cute baby face, a perfect jawline and brown messy hair, where you just want to run your fingers through. he has the green hazel eyes, where you get lost in. he has the sexiest smile i´ve ever seen in my entire life. he looks adventurous, spontaneus, loving, interesting and so much more. he just looks perfect. but the bitter, unsightly truth is, that he doesn´t look like this on the second sight anymore.

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- xo ems