Many of us yearn to experience love and for our special other to fall in love with us as well. There are many ways of loving eachother. Many colours and shapes of love in general:
there is loud love, quiet love, one sided love,beautiful love,pure or passionate love, tough love, toxic love, hopeless love and of course just the feeling yearning for love

Everyone has had some kind of romantic experience in the past. It may be something little to others, but for me, when I used to be in love every little action of my crush was extremely special to me, especially when it was dedicated towards me. Looking back i probably spent a lot of hours just thinking about them.

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*Hours in which my cheeks were burning red, my face was hot my heart ached and time flew by so quickly. I could have used those hours to study and concentrate on following rules and doing my homework neatly. But I didn't and I'm still debating if it was a good or bad thing but can we really put such labels upon feelings such as love? Of course we shouldn't daydream for hours, since we have lots of responsabilities, but still the freedom in our heads is something that no one should take away from us. If life was always predictable it wouldn't be interesting and give us obstacles that we have to overcome. And isn't that the most important part?

Learning from mistakes, living the way we want to, feeling free and enjoying every moment as much as we can? well at least that seems important to me but everyone has their own ideals and i respect those. The more diversity the better :)*

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The problem about love at least in my case is,
that I thought I was not good enough for the person I love.
But not only me. There is the saying that you have to love yourself before loving someone else. But even if some people can't love themselves they fall in love and suffer e.g. from unhapiness over their body or face. They feel ugly or unwanted. At times uninteresting if their crush doesn't want to hold a conversation with them or doesn't give them attention. The dream of them being together is so sweet that they don't want to wake up and be hurt by reality. As i was in the same situation feeling bad about myself i won't judge anybody. I am just saying that pain isn't worth fighting for. And sometimes it's better to say our goodbyes and stop loving people who don't appeciate feelings that they maybe will never know about
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But please wake up. If he doesn't make you happy and you keep suffering, feeling as if you're not worth enough or you will never be good enough to go out with him, he is not worth it. Put your worth before anyone else's
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