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When I heard the sirens , I knew I couldn't let Dylan go to jail because I didn't want to raise this baby on my own.

So I told Dylan lets find another way out of this building. Dylan waited awhile to answer because he was still shocked that I betrayed him and called the police.

Eventually he snapped out of it and took my hands and we left through what I guess was a hidden tunnel that lead somewhere.

We took some stairs and just like that we escaped out of the building. We took a stop near a restaurant to take some deep breaths.

Dylan was sad and upset because I betrayed him.

He said " Nina why would you call the cops?...... I Love you.... and right after I wanted to marry you???...why?

I told him the truth, that I was scared of him at the moment. He changed.... It's when he asked me to marry him and thats when I saw the old Dylan.

Dylan was still shocked.
He Left everything for me: His family, school , job , EVERYTHING!

He even had a scholarship and was planning on going to college. I just wanted the best for him but he couldn't stay away from me.

We just sat on a bench for a few minutes in silence then eventually I felt a pain in my stomach.......

I told Dylan and every second the pain just got worse. Dylan stopped a taxi cab and we headed to the hospital.

It was a painful drive.... I don't know what was going on. I think it was the baby. But it couldn't be it .... My stomach wasn't even big yet and the baby is just only like 1 week old.... I just found out I was pregnant last week.

When we reached the hospital , I headed straight to the emergency room and Dylan stayed behind to fill some papers out.

After an hour in the ER room the doctors found out what was wrong with me.

Dylan was still waiting for me in the lobby and eventually the doctors came out to tell him the bad news.

I saw his face when they told him..... he started shedding tears once they told him.

I Lost the Baby...... I had a miscarriage

Apparently the doctors said that my body wasn't fully developed for a baby and the baby died while it was in my stomach

Dylan came inside the ER room and he sat next to me and held my hand, he whispered to me "Everything's going to be alright"

I was sad, but in a way I was relief cause even I knew I wasn't ready for a baby.

The rest of that day I just slept and Dylan was by my side the whole night.

In the morning I woke up and Dylan wasn't next to me. Then the doctors came and told me I had a few visitors......VISITORS?

I was confused.....who would come to visit me ..... my father didn't even want me in his life and all my other family members are either in jail or dead.

When the door opened , I saw Dylan's parents and my father with my little sister

I almost cried..... I couldn't believe my eyes.

Dylan parent's came with flowers and they told me that they were sorry for everything and that they wish me and Dylan the best.

My dad just stood there like I was a stranger..... then Dylan's parents left to give me and my dad privacy.

We stared at each other for awhile.... may I remind you guys I haven't seen my father or my little sister in 4 years.

I eventually broke the silence and said

"So after 4 years of abandoning me all your going to do is stare"
He replied
"Wassup kiddo"

I don't think I ever got mad like I was at this very moment..... I screamed at him to get out

" Dad how could you..... look now my own little sister don't even recognize me"

My little sister stood behind my dad; scared and frighten by me.

It was all his fault..... I didn't even want to hear what he had to say.

He replied
" Listen Nina , your little baby daddy contacted me to be here with you.... and since you don't want me to be here I'll just leave but just know this is the last time your going to see me or your little sister"

He left a gift for me and put it on the table that was next to my bed .... as he left he said

" Don't ever try to contact me and stay away from us"

My own dad said that to me.....those words were all that I thought about when he closed the door

When I opened the gift he left.... I cried.... It was a drawing that my little sister drew. I never got to see her grow up and when she came in she had already gotten big.

Minutes later.... I heard a crack at the door as someone was opening it.

My vision was blurry from crying.... but I saw some small feet walking towards me and as I looked up I saw a Hello Kitty pink shirt.

It was my little sister Mia but she came alone , my dad wasn't with her

She climbed up the bed and gave me a hug....she remembered me!

She whispered in my ears " Hi I'm Mia, your sister ... I miss you Nina...get better

And then she heard my dad calling her and quickly her little feet just started running.... .It was adorable.

She remembers me ..... she misses me

I never got the chance to tell her I love her. But I'm glad that she remembers me.

I shut my eyes closed.....

The End

( Thank you for reading my diaries .... this is the very last one and I would like to thank everyone who experienced this journey with me)

- Nina ♡