How often you prefer to lay in the bad rather than achieve a goal?

Are you lazy? Not?
Maybe you don't have an aim? Or it doesn't inspire you?

What's the cause of your lack of motivation?

How to stop being lazy?

1. Make your To-Do list
Find the beautiful To-Do list on the Net and start writing points what you need to do. And when you finish your tasks just cross out them from the list.( it's my favorite part!)

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2. Music
Personally, I always listen to music while cleaning my room. Well, try to listen to energetic music. Just throw some headphones in and start wash dishes! It will help the time past.

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3.Only positive thoughts.
Change your thoughts, such as "I can't", "I don't want to do this", "It's too hard". Rephrase these into
" What can I start doing now?”

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4.Find Most Productive Time
Maybe you are a morning person or your brain is the most active in the evening. You should choose the best time to work.

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Hope my advice will help you.
Look forward to your feedback