You have made my Sophomore year unforgettable. I apologize for what I put you through and I am glad that after all of it we came out friends. Well at least associates. I never meant to embarrass you or make you uncomfortable.

I just had feelings that I couldn't explain I had feelings that made me excited and hopeful for a future that was truly never possible. I just knew if I had you.. you would be the key to my happiness.

I don't even know why I liked you. Its just when I saw you my heart filled with a mix of joy and sorrow. You're not innocent because you kind of led me on, but I forgive you and I take full responsibility for everything. I don't know how to handle my feelings. Its always been hard.

You are a great guy and I feel as if thats part of the reason that I fell for you the way I did. It sucks to admit how humiliated I felt letting myself be free and out in the open with how I felt but I accept that things are meant to happen a certain way.

I accept the fact that you are not for me and I am okay with that. I can finally say that I am okay with you not loving me the way I wanted you to and I am not ashamed of the situation.

I am extremely sorry for everything I put you through and I hope we can move on.

xo, Quinn