hi guys,

This is my first article ever and I hope you like it! I was always interested in fashion, eating healthy, working out, ... but I never did something with my interest , that changed last year when I realised I love to work out and eat healthy ... however it is very difficult to start this way of live and because I struggled with it , I wanted to give you guys some tips within a challenge. You can choose how many days you want to try this lifestyle but I recommend at least 21 days to make it a habit

Here are some tips:

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1. prepare your meals the day before
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2. search for a workout buddy
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3. clean your room and make it yours
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4. set goals
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5. spend more time with friends
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6. make a moodboard
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7. write your progress in a journal
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8. take care of your skin, treat it like silk
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9. drink enough water, stay hydrated !!!
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10. do it for you, you deserve it

I hope you liked the article, see u soon