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I wanna talk to you about something. It’s called ‘our society’. I’m sure there will be good things about it, but i wanna let you face the bad side of our society. So here are gonna be some points that i really wanna talk about. If there’s is something wrong with this article or if you feel like I should change something, feel free to message me. Whimessages is always open :).

The difference between men and women
You might feel like you want to say that there’s not such a big difference anymore. Anyways, you don’t really hear a lot about it. But I, as woman, still see the differences. And yes, feel free to blame me, feel free to say that I see it wrong. But then you are a liar. My vision to the world isn’t wrong. It isn’t a fantasized nightmare. It’s the hard truth.

Some facts and numbers
- Worldwide women earn less than men. On the average 19%. (In euros; a men gets paid €2.400 monthly, a women gets paid €2.000 monthly.)
- Women are more oft and longer unemployed compared to men.
- The higher you look in the classification, the less you see women. Men are over represented.
- Girls who are born in this generation will be disadvantaged (if it’s about salary) for the rest of their lifes.

The Streetwalks
It doesn’t sound familiar yet? Well, it will. Who of us didn’t get a ’fiet fiew’ while you passed a group of boys? Who has taken another way just to avoid a group of people? Who took the sidewalk on the other side of the street? You are not the only one, I promise.

Tips you hopefully never need
- If anyone is following you or you don’t feel safe, go somewhere public, like a library, a supermarket or a shop.
- Take another way then you were supposed to do.
- If you are in danger and you have an iPhone with iOS 11: hit the on/off button for 5 times or more. You will be connected with the police.

Depressed = Attention
If you have a depression, you should always get help! ALWAYS! In my opinion, the society is reacting wrong to people with a serious depression. These people would be ‘attention seekers’. Or these people would have a bad life. But no, even if you would give these people the most glamorous life, they would still be depressed. It something in their brain, not some attention. You can call it some kind of a disease.

The position of humans to humans
We are like wolves. Well, that’s out. We are like a pack of wolves. We will help each other, till we think that the other gets too much, we don’t give the other something, they should deserve it . There is nothing wrong with that, but the way it goes. We help till the other is almost there, than we will go back to ourselfs and we get egoistical again.

That’s the way i feel it. Did i forget something? Feel free to message me!