step 1

reject every toxic relationship you may have in your life

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this step is probably the hardest one but you'll see a big difference, it might be hard to do but the void they caused will soon be replaced by happiness (you'll see)
every bit of negativity they brought in your life will be gone, when you do that please take a deep breath and say "i did it" because you can do anything you want

step 2

find a hobby

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find something you like to do, something that gets you going, something that'll be a purpose to live
it doesn't matter if a sport, listening to music 24/7 and singing or watchis movies, the importance of it all is that you're happy while doing it

step 3

find friends that help you recover from everything people may have done to you in the past

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those friends will be the people the ones you'll laugh at the happiest or a shoulder to cry on when you feel blue or lost
stay close to your family as well
your friends and family will be the ones to tell you you're beautiful when no one will, they are the ones who'll be proud of you because you are great and nothing can stop you

step 4


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this is the smallest thing and it might seem meaningless at first but if you start thinking about it you'll realize that smiling persons are the people you are attracted to, they seem more open to a conversation etc so smile and you'll see the world in a whole new way and that not everyone will do you wrong

step 5

take a look in the mirror and look at yourself, take your time to know your body, not to hate on it but to give it the time of appreciation it deserves

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this body kept you alive even when you thought you wouldn't be able to breath again so please love it
when you know and accept what you think are flaws, no one will ever be capable to make you feel bad about them

this is the end of my first article
remember that you are strong and beautiful <3