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i've never thought of writing this kind of thing before. but, with a help of a friend i will. i would really like to thank:


she gave me lots of ideas that will help me write more and more.
@allieok if you're reading, thank you VERY MUCH:)

i'm a big lover of makeup. i don't have a specific brand to use, but i'll share with you my top favourite ones:

i love their mascaras, blushers, highlighters and bronzers. their makeup aren't expensive and aren't cheap. i love how it's well made, and it lasts long on my face.

Superthumb Superthumb
these are the exact cosmetics i use.

2.Fenty Beauty
i'm speechless about this brand. the foundation is perfect, the golden highlighter is amazing (although i'm not a big fan of gold highlighters). their foundation is easy to blend and the brushes is a whole different story (it's unbelievable, check it out).

beauty beauty
i haven't tried the second collection, but i tried the first one.

3.Gigi Hadid Maybelline makeup collection
i want this collection SO BAD, i don't have it yet, but my BFF do. i tried the eye shadows, and i didn't want to wash my face that night, but i had to:(

make-up Superthumb

i use her makeup for a while now, it's pretty good. she released new highlight palettes, the idea of the outlook is smart. i have zero comments for the Desert Dusk palette, because it's PER-FECT. the highlighters too!

makeup lipstick

5.The Balm
their makeup is special for a couple of reasons. first, the drawings they have on the palettes is kinda cool, it makes me want to buy the palette more than i want to use it. second, their makeup is useful in the mornings, and evenings. i like the eye shadows and i LOVE the highlighters they display.

Superthumb makeup
the eye shadow palette on the right is crazy, i love it.

6.Naked palettes
dark eye shadows fit my skin tone perfectly, this is why i use naked palettes most of the time. all naked palettes fit anyone, with any skin tone. i like smoky looks the most, because it shows my skin tone the way it needed to be shown (if that makes sense).

makeup beauty
try them out, i'm obsessed with Naked 1 & 2 the most.

and there you go! i enjoyed writing this article very much. i hope you liked it.

also, if there's something you want me to write about, message me the topic NOW!!

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