3.- Describe your relationship with your parents

is very good, they always support me in everything and they´ve never left me alone, even though they work all day they always find the time to be with me and
every time I´ve been wrong or that I have been blue they have been there for me

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Even though they consent me and treat me like a little girl, they´ve always taught me that life is not so easy but that I dont have to give up, that if I fight for what I want, I can get it, some people say that if you fight hard for something you want, you value them more when you get them, and my parents think that too

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they´ve a lot to do with my self-esteem go improving day by day, being able to tell ´em about my problems really takes weight off my shoulders, honestly I'm lucky to have people who have my back in case I fall down one day

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