Hello there,

I have seen this "if I where a.." article all over we heart it lately and I think it's a pretty fun article to write. Soooo here we go...

(maybe it's more like a "things I like" but still hope you will enjoy reading this article)

If I where a

✩ season

watermelon, animal, and dog image beach, girl, and summer image
Summer; the early morning sun and the late night talks. It gives me the feeling I have all the time in the world. It remind me to just have fun sometimes.

✩ animal

dolphin, sea, and ocean image dog, cute, and animal image
Dolphin or dog (husky) because of their caring and trustful qualities and their emotional awareness

✩ clothing item

nike, white, and tumblr image Image by iarixox
Sweater; comfy and warm

✩ art form

danse, gris, and ombre image ballet, dance, and ballerina image
Dance is my way of living

✩ flower

flowers and white image aesthetic, flower, and Sunny image
Gypsophila or hibiscus

✩ transport

train, vintage, and indie image blur, travel, and car image
Train; I think it really brings people together. And it's less damaging to the environment

✩ country

sky, travel, and sunset image animal, kangaroo, and orange image
Hawaii or Australia. Because of it's beautiful nature, empty roads, lovely people and magical weather. I think these countries can make you feel like a child again.

✩ weather form

rain, window, and flowers image air, green, and sky image
Dancing in the rain or watching the snow fall with a warm choco.

✩ movie

love, kiss, and quotes image wallflower, quotes, and definition image
Walllflower; it's a movie about a few teens finding out who they are and what the what.

✩ music genre

piano, music, and hands image music, bands, and girl image
I think my taste of music is more to the chilly, romance/love song, piano side.

✩ quote

quote, quotes, and saying image couple, lesbian, and samandvirgo image
I am a strong believer in this one.

✩ feeling

zendaya, outfit, and model image best friends, black, and friendship image
The warm sun on your skin or a good hug after a long day.

✩ place

friends, night, and grunge image fairy lights and lights image
Something like a rooftop or a cosy room with candles and fairy lights.

✩ view

Image removed beach, sea, and summer image
The beach ... for sure

✩ color

Image by Fatma Allagui mountains, nature, and clouds image

✩ element

water, hand, and summer image summer, girl, and bikini image
Water; calming and aggressive at the save time

✩ body part

beauty, brown, and dark skin image black and white, bones, and neck image
Neck; I really don't know why hahaha

✩ date

Image by ×Moon× love, girls, and lesbian image
Watching the sunset/night sky and talk about life

✩ cake

food, cake, and fruit image Image by mabel
Actually cake is always a good idea (but not the wiped cream ones)

✩ mythical creature

Halloween, makeup, and fantasy image mermaid, art, and fantasy image
When I was younger I always wanted to be a fairy or mermaid (actually I still want lol)

✩ tattoo

beach, verão, and bikini image tattoo, quotes, and tumblr image
I really want a small meaningful tattoo when I'm a little older

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you liked it!