Hey loves,
So I realized you all don't know much about me other than the articles and pictures I post. So i figured I'd do the 20 things about me challenge! Ready?Let's go.

1. My name is Chloe
2. I'm a competitive gymnast
3. I do a lot of public speaking for my school
4. My favourite colour is yellow (hence my collection "mellow')
5. My favourite collection of mine is "salvation"
6. I want to be a videographer
7. I have a dog
8. My favourite social media is Instagram
9. I love rain so much
10. My favourite seasons are autumn and winter
11. I really love working out
12. My teachers know me for how pretty my notes are
13. I'm currently binge watching Grey's Anatomy
14. My favourite food is blueberries
15. My favourite flower is sunflowers
16. I love makeup and beauty
17. I'm Canadian
18. I like seeing people smile
19. I want to go to Iceland, Rome, and Australia
20. I love love love the ocean

so I hope you liked this! I have another article ready for you guys soon too. I know I haven't been active but I'm trying, I really am xo ilyasm

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thank you all so much for reading, I'm truly so grateful.