Hi! I saw this tag all over WHI and thought I should try, so here we go. Enjoy! xx

A- Age:

B- Best movie:
Dirty Dancing, Letters to Juliet and Grease

C- Current time:
7:01 PM

D- Drink I last had:

E- Every day starts with:
having breakfast

F- Favorite song:
At the moment is it Stay by Hurts

G- Grossest memory:
I don't know

H- Height:
about 5'9

I- In love with:
This boy who is the sweetest. His smile is literally killing me and those eyes, his hair. Damn I need help :)

J- Jealous of:
People who have the perfect body and eat whatever they want

K- Killed someone:
uhh no

L- Last time I cried:
about a week ago

M- Middle name:
I don't have one

N- Numer of siblings:
I have one older sister

O- One wish:
have a steady life

P- Person I last texted of called:
my best friend (as always)

Q- Question I'm always asked:
''Where are your glasses?'' I have contacts since about a few weeks so..

R- Reasons to smile:
my friends, thinking of memories, nice wheather and when I see my crush of course ;)

S- Song I last sang:
Killing me softly with his song by the Fugees

T- Time I woke up today:
around 11 AM

U- Underwear color:

V- Vacation place:
Greece and France

W- Worst habit:
bite my nails

X- X-rays I've had:

Y- Your favorite food:
I don't really have favorite food, but I really like pasta

Z- Zodiac sign:
capricorn (born on December 31, 2001)

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