Here is me in pictures. I found this #ThisIsMeChallenge in:

1. Style

converse, jeans, and black image tattoo and maggie lindemann image nails, black, and white image Mature image
Simple style with happy nails

2. A color

blue, dark, and aesthetic image blue, comfy, and american eagle image
Navy blue, cause' I'm blue

3. Passions

antique, binding, and books image planner, school, and stationery image quotes, soul, and woman image quotes, book, and write image
I love literature, i pass a lot of time writing my own worlds or enter into a new ones.

4. An animal

animals, dogs, and german shepherd image
Doggies everywhere

5. Food

food, good, and latin image food image delicious, rice, and venezuelan food image beach, food, and venezuela image
Venezuelan food is the best of the best.

6. Personality

red, lipstick, and pink image aesthetic, bisexual, and lgbt image art, cherry, and mona lisa image hate, quotes, and opinion image
Indifferent to many things in life, I am also a very strange thing. Mom says I have hot, spicy Latin blood running in my veins to the rhythm of a quick merengue.

7. Dreams/Goals

quotes and Powerful image
I wanna travel a lot, eat good, have my own money, my own house and don't depend of anyone and be happy.

8. A Book

book, books, and cover image

Caraval, stephanie garber

9. A movie

anastasia, anya, and lol image

10. Lifestyle

Image by ✵Carolinaa✵ Image by ♡ your queen ♡ college and study motivation image drink, red, and summer image
eat, sleep, study, drink, repeat.

Thanks and read you soon!