I just wanted to play this game again, because in my memory it was really fun. So...

1- If you were a shoe ?
- Some Dr Martens.

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2-If you were a moment ?
- When you are in your bed, trying to fall asleep

grunge, city, and dark image

3-If you were a place ?
- A peaceful forest

nature, lake, and tumblr image

4- If you were a feeling ?
- Tiredness

quotes, tired, and sad image

5- If you were a song ?
- Misery, by Blink-182

blink-182 and california image

6- If you were a book ?
-The Graces, by Laure Eve

aesthetic, book, and cover image

7- If you were a season ?
- Fall / Autumn

yellow, house, and home image

8- If you were a view ?
- A view from any kind of window

city, bed, and sky image

9- If you were famous ?
- A famous writer

book, writing, and diary image

10- If you were a weather ?
- A light rain

rain, umbrella, and aesthetic image

11- If you were an accessory ?
-A ring

aesthetic, pretty, and rings image

12- If you were a clothing ?
- A leather jacket

Image by Harriët Taylor.♕

13- If you were a drink ?
- A coffee

coffee, drink, and food image

14- If you were a color ?
- Grey

sea, grunge, and ocean image

15- If you were a moment of the day ?
-The end of the afternoon

afternoon, heaven, and end of the day image

16- If you were a quote ?
-"The sadness will last forever"

vincent van gogh image

17- If you were an element ?
- Air

air, pretty, and beautiful image

18- If you were an activity ?
- Watching movies

movie, film, and lize image

19- If you were an emotion ?
- Boredom

marceline image

20- If you were an objet ?
- A notebook

art, book, and grunge image

21- If you were an animal ?
-A moth

moth, white, and butterfly image

22- If you were a body part ?
- An eye

aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image

23- If you were a date night ?
- In a museum

girl, art, and hair image

24- If you were a TV show ?
- The Magicians

stella maeve, julia wicker, and the magicians image

25- If you were a fictional character ?
- Jace Wayland

the mortal instruments, jace wayland, and city of bones image

26- If you were a dessert ?
- A cheesecake

cheesecake, dessert, and sweet image

27- If you were a flower ?
- A peony

peonies, favorite, and flower image

28- If you were a scent ?
- The smell of the rain on the warm tar

holidays, rain, and south of chile image

29- If you were a superhero ?
- Iron-Man

iron man, black and white, and Marvel image

30- If you were a school subject ?
- Philosophy

architecture, sky, and art image

31- If you were a fabric ?
- Dark denim

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32- If you were a flavor ?
- Cinnamon

food, sweet, and fall image

33- If you were a part of nature ?
- A lake

mountains, nature, and clouds image

34- If you were a word ?
- Nirvana

nirvana, band, and kurt cobain image

35- If you were a mythical creature ?
- A dragon

smaug, dragon, and the hobbit image