Journaling is something that can uplift your day, enrich your soul and become your form of therapy. Keeping that in mind, I want to share some journaling ideas that are simple yet calming and rejuvenating and can help put you at ease.

1. Poetry Spread

Pick one of your favorite poems from your favorite poets and dedicate an entire spread to this poem or you can write your own poems.

2. Future Visualisations

Imagine yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years and your life in that time and write about it. Print pictures of your visualisations and create a spread or dedicate an entire notebook to this idea.

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3. Favorite Quotes

Pick your favorite quotes from your favorite celebrities and role models and create an inspiring spread to motivate you on your down days.

4. Reasons Why You Love Someone

Compile a spread of reasons why you love someone. This could be a celebrity, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or family member.

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5. Wildflowers/Nature Spread

Dedicate an entire spread to drawing wildflowers or nature doodles. I was inspired to do this by a Youtuber named Jordan Clark. She's the best Youtuber to watch after a rough day or if you need some creative inspiration. She's made 2 videos entirely on how to draw Wildflowers. Following her tutorials or through your own talent, you can create a Wildflower Spread.

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Jordan Clark

6. Bucket List

Create a spread of all the things you want to see, do or achieve in your lifetime.

7. Favorite Lyrics From An Album

Pick one of your favorite albums and create a spread of all your favorite lyrics from this album.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.
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