Hey everyone!

I'm currently on a one week break from school, so that means: netlflix! I watch tons of tv shows, but today I'm going to list my absolute favourite shows. (these aren't in any particular order!)

1. the end of the fucking world
I can't even describe how much I love this show. I've already watched it twice and I could watch it a third time, that's how good it is.

The show is about a boy, James, who believes he's a psychopath and a girl, Alyssa, who is a sassy, rebellious know-it-all. They run away together, hoping for an adventure away from their horrible home-lives.

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2. Reign
I started watching this in december, and I'm almost finished. I love it so much! I can only recommend it.

It's about Mary, queen of scots. She travels to France to ensure her engagement to the king of France. There are many challenges for them to face.

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3. The good place
This show is amazing. I follow philosophy in school, so it's extra fun that I get the references and know what they're talking about.

The good place is about Eleanor, who lands in the afterlife. There, she finds out she's been mistaken for a good person. But she lived a very bad life and will be sent to hell (the bad place) if she's discovered. She tries to keep this a secret but it causes disruption to everyone around her.

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4. Stranger things
This doesn't even need an explanation. It's so good and the kids/actors are super talented. The whole storyline and characters are just amazing and I love it. I can't wait for season 3.

It's about a group of friends living in Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. When one of them, Will Byers, disappears, his mother and friends race against time to fight the supernatural before he's killed.

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5. Orphan black
I've been watching this show for so long now and I'm very sad it ended last year. It was really such an unique show and Tatiana did an amazing job by playing almost every character!

After Sarah witnesses the death of her doppelganger, she discovers that she and the dead woman are clones. She finds herself caught up in a deadly conspiracy and must race to find answers about who she is.

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If you've been reading my articles for awhile now, you know I love sitcoms. If you look back, you see I didn't include any sitcoms in this. I already did an entire article on my favourite sitcoms on netflix, which you can find here:

So I hope you found some amazing new shows to watch! If you want to see more of my articles, check out this collection where I keep them all:

Love, Mara.