i'm a taurian !!!!! that's probably why i'm writing this.
(i'm not writing this in first person perspective because not all of this applies to me)

but here's a guide to the taurus zodiac sign...

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first, lets smash some streotypes that i have been seeing around.

i) taurians are not always hungry:

c'mon you really think they're always eating? this is not true. sure they love food but they also like to take care of our health.

ii) laziness

okay maybe they do procrastinate, sometimes too much. but they're not all lazy they like to get stuff done too.

iii) stubborn

they are not that stubborn, just persistent. (which may just be the same thing lmao). but yeah, no they are not that stubborn. i would say that they just are very committed.

iv) materialistic

this is true bye.


so lemme get into it:

taurians love luxury, that's where the materialistic stereotype comes in. we just love good and pretty things. getting into some actual astrological shit: its because they are ruled by the planet venus.

they love pretty things, they love good scents and expensive goods. they love design and aesthetics.

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i would also like to say that they quite loyal. taurians are known to be good friends (thank god there's atleast something im good at) but yes i do think this is true for most taurians. they are very loving. and they'll show it to you if they genuinely love you.

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taurians usually love money and fame lmao and will work very hard to get whatever they want, they are organized and have a great work ethic.

they are very passionate and will go to heights to get what they want like i said before but they also look at things practically and are grounded.

they can come off as snobby, which is probably why not everyone likes them. but if you get to know them you'll actually like them.

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along with being practical they are also so sensible. the reason why people trust them is because they are full of common sense when giving advice. yeah they do get what they want but they're calm about it. not very agressive and pretty chill to be honest.

they don't like playing games and are actually very honest and blunt. ask them something, they aren't gonna lie.

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another thing about the sign is that they're very creative, like i said before they love design and aesthetics. they'll make cool diy's and buy great art.

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okay, some negative things now

they do not back down easily, ever. they always put up a fight which could be a good thing if you're not the person fighting with them.

taurians cannot deal with stress, they freak out alot and hyperventilate, i'm sure this doesn't stand with everyone but it does for me.

they could get very possessive but sometimes it's just because they're trying to be protective.

there is so much more that i could write honestly but i'm kinda tired honestly or im just lazy. (taurus!!!)

thank you for reading this... lots of love. xx

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