• Dance around on some good music
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  • GYST ( : Get Your Shit Together, those who follow Kalyn Nicholson know what I'm talking about. Seriously, cleaning the whole flat is just so therapeutic)
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  • Read a good book (Harry Potter, The Happiness Project, literally any kind of book you enjoy)
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  • Listen to the old songs that bring the child back in you (Britney Spears in my room once again, just like 15 years ago)
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  • Watch a good tv show or film (I've begun watching The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Amazon Prime and it's pretty epic ; I highly recommend it to all of you !)
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  • Spend some time on We Heart It (so many beautiful photos and quotes here)
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  • Play with an animal if you have one (sadly I don't)
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  • Write write write
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  • Go for a walk
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  • Take a hot bath / shower
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  • Spend some time with a friend (shopping or just laying next to one another scrolling through the gram, it doesn't really matter)
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  • Think happy thoughts
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Maybe it's not much, but doing those things makes me so happy and I hope it'll give you some ideas of things to do whenever you need it ! No matter what, don't forget to do what makes you happy and is good for your mental health even if it doesn't make others happy. Never forget you're worth it (always was and always will be). I love you, and hope you will go through whatever this week throws at you !