It's mid year for most of us, and some of us need help bringing up our grades. Like seriously.

It's so hard for me to bring them up, because extra credits or redos aren't frequently an option.

I put together 5 tips I think will help everyone!

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1 • Turning in assignments

You don't want to have your grade come down because you did an assignment and just didn't hand it in. Always keep assignments in a folder or binder for your class, or just your backpack to turn it in! If you miss the day it was due, turn it in the next day! Even if your teacher doesn't remind you.

2 • Studying/Practicing

When I got a low grade in math I checked my school grades online and saw that I got many low scores on quizzes for a certain topic. Be sure you are studying for all quizzes. If your teacher is to fast, tell them. If you don't understand ask till you understand. You should never be leaving the class confused with messy notes. You want be able to study and if your notes are a mess you'll have a hard time. If your teacher is like mine she goes fast, doesn't explain well, and doesn't answer questions with a new explanation to the point you understand study at home. I talked to someone in my health class and they said that they just take thier own notes at home, so you could try doing that. Just make sure you have the topic down.

3 • Homework

Homework may seem little but it can really bring up your grade! I know when I didn't do homework it really brought my grade down. You need to do it, it is such great practice! Plus you can find out if you have no idea what your doing and can ask for help! But you don't stop here, you need to hand it in! Always make sure your homework is with you when you walk into class! Most teachers don't let you go back to your locker, and will only give you half credit if you bring it in the following day, so be sure you have it! If not, write where you'll see it (like on your arm) and remind yourself to bring it in the next day!

4 • Extra Help

Sometimes your teacher isn't doing a well enough job, that's okay. They may be working with you a lot, but maybe they way they teach isn't the way you learn. You may want to get a tutor. Getting a tutor isn't bad and doesn't make you dumb. If you can't understand alone, and your teacher can't help talk about a tutor that can help you. This may really be for extreme measures. You may also want to see if you can find online help like IXL. A parent, older sibling, or friend can help as well! If you can't afford a tutor (they can be pricey!) see if your local library has some free or inexpensive tutoring!

5 • Classes

Sometimes you need new classes. This again may be only for extremes cases, but sometimes you need to switch classes. If your class is to advanced don't feel like you'll be dumb if you can't handle it. At my school we have 6th, 7th, and 8th grade level classes. I'm not sure how it is for other schools, but you should check first if you'll be able to switch classes. This can create a huge benfit, and you'll be doing easier things, just make sure your class doesn't have things you already know or have studied.


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