Are you alone on valentines day? You're definitely not alone. Here are some things you can do to take care of yourself on valentines day this year. ♡

♡ Masks and baths
Put on a facemask, make some snacks and take a warm bath.

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♡Netflix and snacks
There is honestly nothing better than watching Netflix in your bed after a long day. Here are some shows and movies you can binge-watch:

❧ If you need a laugh:
-The end of the f***ing world
-RuPaul's drag race
-New Girl
-Family Guy

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❧ If you want drama and romance:
-American horror story

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❧ Movies:
-White Chicks
-Now You See Me
-Mamma Mia

Clueless mamma mia

♡Go shopping
There are usually not many people that go shopping on Valentine's day. So this is the perfect day to treat yourself by buying a new pair of shoes, or simply just go looking at clothes and imagining your dream style.

If you love reading as much as me, I recommend downloading Wattpad or going to your nearest library for Valentine's day. It's perfect reading books if you want to put your mind in something else.

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