Tea bags or losse tea?

tea, vintage, and cup image tea and teabag image
Tea bags.

Strong tea or slack tea?

Strong tea.

What do you like to eat with the tea?

bake, Cookies, and sweet image biscotti, cocoa, and biscuits image Cookies, food, and chocolate image tea, Cookies, and food image
Just really plain biscuits. Or chocolate chip cookies.

What’s your favorite tea brand?


Do you drink a special tea on a special time?

Black English tea when I’m at my granddad’s.

Three favorite tea tastes

after school, music, and stuff image Apple Pie, tea, and sweater weater image
Melon, mango & Black English

Were do you like to drink tea out of?

A mug.

What must your favorite teacup have? (Big/small, thick/thin, glass/stone)

fairy lights, nyc, and pink roses image beige, beverages, and black coffee image
Big, not really thick or thin just in between, glass (stone is for coffee).

What is your least favorite tea?

coconut, healthy, and organic image
I’ve never had it, but I think coconut.

When do you enjoy tea the most?

When I’m sick.

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