Hi everyone

We all do it. We gossip, insult, lie and we can really hurt people. Also we can hurt ourself, because deep down we know we shouldn't have said that.

We are such amazing creatures without the mean things we do. I am not saying that we need to be perfect and always need to be kind, but we can at least try to be nicer. It would make our lifes so much better. So here are some ways to be a nice person.

1. Self reflection: The first step to become a nicer person, is self reflection. This one is very important and not only for becoming a nice person. Self reflection is getting to know yourself and not only your perfections. Think about yourself and how you handle different situations. Did you do the wrong thing? Could you be nicer at that moment? Write the things down that you want to change. So maybe you need to scold less or you need to be more social. By admitting your imperfections and actually try to do something about them, you will become a better version of yourself.

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Make sure at the end of the day you have done your best to become a better person.

2. Be honest: Don't lie to people. This is a hard one, but also important. Everyone tells little lies, for example when your friend wears something she really likes, but you don't. You better say that she looks great, because that's what she wants to hear. But don't lie because it is better for you. Don't lie about situations or about people, because the truth will come out and a lot of people will get hurt. When you just tell the thruth, you're maybe not the most amazing person. But a lot of people appreciate the fact that you're honest.

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3. Help: This one is very easy. It is easy because every little thing can help people. By giving a homeless a sandwich or maybe you can help that classmate who is failling class. Maybe just go sit next to a person who always sits alone. Each little gesture, can make people feel that they matter or that there is hope. Not only you make people feel better, but you get also something in return. Maybe you make new friends or maybe they will help you in return. It doesn't need to be lifesaving, just do something that makes the world a little bit better.

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Each little thing helps.

4. Don't take people down: We all have been in the situation where a friend said something mean about a person and despite the fact that we thought that person was actually really cool. We agreed and said more mean things. This is such a bad thing, because we think those things don't have any impact. That is a mistake, because what if that person will find out what you said and becomes insecure and that while you didn't even meant it. When this happens and you don't want to take that person down, change the subject. Say well I think she or he is pretty cool and then start about homework or your vacation. The other probably won't even realize that you changed the subject. And you have been nice. Points for you.

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The fun of a conversation doesn't go away, when you don't talk about other people.

5. Smile: Just smile, try to smile to people even when you are having a bad day or you are mad. Smilling will not only give other people the feeling they are special, but it is a fact that smilling makes you feel better. So just try to smile, a lot, the more the better. And you propably look more beautiful when you smile so there are a lot of perks.

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Well this was it. I know there are a lot more ways to be nice, but lets start with these. I hope you enjoyed it!

Love, O