Hey everyone!

I hope you're having an amazing day! Today I'm going to list things that I like / hate + things about me. For each thing we have in common you get +1 point. The reason I'm doing this article is to meet people who are like me and where I can talk with about common interests. So don't be afraid to message me afterwards!

- brown hair
- hazel eyes
- wears contacts / glasses
- loves makeup

hair, fashion, and hairstyle image makeup, eyes, and eyebrows image
i own too much makeup

- loves sushi
- constantly listening to music
- born in 2000
- watches many tv shows (especially sitcoms)

sushi, food, and japanese image Image by charlinedbs
the end of the fucking world is also one of my favs

- introvert
- from europe
- loves traveling
- terrible singer

airplane, happy, and leaving image venezia image
i loooove italy

- loves long car rides
- almost never drinks soda
- doesn't eat macdonalds and burgerking etc often
- horseriding

horseriding, horses, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
long car rides at night are the best

- owns a dog
- tries to be healthy but fails
- afraid of whales (pretty sure no one has this fear)
- loves going to concerts

cute dogs, dog, and dogs image fruit, bowl, and food image
this dog isn't mine but mine is that breed

- likes cooking
- don't like reading
- i live in the Netherlands
- i hate walking on bare feet

amsterdam and netherlands image girl, breakfast, and cooking image
i don't live in amsterdam but i have vistited it like 11 times

- i have never ever broken a bone
- my zodiac sign is a capricorn
- i'm going to med school
- i dislike chinese food

capricorn and zodiac image doctor image
i would love to work at the ER

0-6: we're not alike
7-13: not really
13-20: getting close
20-28: we're almost the same

Don't be afraid to message me to let me know what you got! You can talk to me about any of these things or get to know me even more!

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Love, Mara