Harry Potter Aesthetic

Harry Potter

eyes, boy, and green image animal, deer, and autumn image love, couple, and hug image unicorn and window image

Hermione Granger

book, theme, and green image Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair image books, fact, and notes image

Ron Weasley

Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter image crown and Queen image food, sweet, and fall image

Bellatrix Lestrange

hair, girl, and black and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It gate, dark, and grunge image snake, white, and black image

Remus Lupin

boys, harry potter, and marauders image chocolate, food, and sweet image wolf, animal, and nature image hands, aesthetic, and bruise image

Fleur Delacour

love, couple, and wedding image blonde and model image beach, bambi, and indie image perfume image

Draco Malfoy

harry potter, hogwarts, and voldemort image black image hp and pureblood image atticus, bird, and dead image

Luna Lovegood

Elle Fanning image bunny, animal, and rabbit image fairy, garden, and flowers image feet, grunge, and legs image

Neville Longbottom

plants, nature, and girl image Image by kayla. aesthetic, animal, and hand image gryffindor, red, and aesthetic image

Ginny Weasley

Image by Bri friendship, harmony, and photography image girl, redhead, and roof image boots, red, and shoes image

Newt Scamander

nest image yellow, piano, and aesthetic image Image by With Grace map, new york, and aesthetic image