Im just really bored and Im gonna do some aesthetics. Enjoy!
Don't worry, if you don't like your aesthetic, just ignore this post! Feel free to check your rising, moon, venus and mercury.
I am a Capricorn and I will share how I feel about each sign. This is all only from personal experience!!


Aries are indeed prideful people, tho I believe they are real bros. As much as the ones I know hang out with the same people only and kinda ignore everyone else, I still have good memories of talking to them. They can be too simple minded sometimes and are either too stubborn or too lazy to try and understand you. I feel like they risk too much and need to do the necessary for once. I think I need more experience with them.

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I have met a few only, but I think they're cool. While I know a very stereotypically ''popular highschool girl'' that I can't stand, im also familiar with a really nice guy who's cool to hang with. While Taurus are supposed to be compitable with Capricorns, I feel like I still need to meet and communicate with them a bit more. But I feel like they are laid back people who make you feel comfy. They make a bunch of jokes and are trying their best when they're not being lazy.

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The funny thing about Gemini is that they are really like two people. The ones I know are either cool as hell or total assholes. I can either have the most wonderful convos with them and make jokes or im one moment away from punching them in the face. I think they are really ambitious but ONLY when it comes to things they really want to do. Otherwise they won't even try. To me Gemini feel like a challange. Somewhere you can only go when you're prepared. It depends on who they are at the moment.

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Stereotypically Cancer are emotional crybabies. I don't really understand this however, since the cancers that I am surrounded by are pretty petty towards the people they dislike. They are the perfect mix or tradition lovers and modern souls. They'd take a bullet for what they love any moment. They have a big heart and are always aware of what is good and bad. Talking to them is nice sometimes and they are amazing huggers, but after some time I always feel like I need some distance (as in an hour or so, no longer).

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In my opinion Leos always have their shield up, even if nothing has ever happened to them. They always try to seem confident, sometimes its real and sometimes not. While they praise themselves for their success, they beat themselves up for their failures. They love attention, but as soon as it gets negative they lead it to someone else, often by leaving mean comments. They are like colored glass, really impressive, but so easy to destroy. They feel like a wanna-be-royalty, but are real royalty at heart.

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Virgos are loud and humorous people. They are really emotional and aren't scared to show it. They work a lot and try their best at everything.Virgos may talk a bit too much here and then, mostly about themselves too and that can be a bit annoying. Tho, often there is some valuable thought in that talk that was worth hearing. They are really smart and strongheaded. They feel like a sleepover, reading and drinking tea with your in-a-happy-mood friend.

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I do not have good memories of Libras. They seem to care too much about what people think of them, so they go completely fake. They try to look confident like Leo, but it doesn't really work. As soon as you mention, for example how they always comment on other peoples look, they get really angry and emotional. The insecurity shines through I guess. Just stop trying to be cool or special. Be yourself. Libras feel like hidden traps. If you say one wrong thing they might mention it again and again in order to make you seem dumb, to make themselves seem cool. At leats from what I've experienced.. do not be like that.

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Scorpios are supposed to evil spirits? As if. The Scorpios I know are pretty shy and disoriented. They're really selfish and its hard for them to admit when they're wrong. They don't really try at anything except for what they really want themselves. Tho they are really fun and hang with friends often. It seems like being alone isn't really their thing? They look like they don't care, Im pretty sure they do tho.

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As a Sagittarius rising I can confirm that travelling really is a Sagittarius thing. Exploring and learning is so importnat and fun to them. They seem like young souls who love doing whatever they want and be free. One wrong word and they'll get grumpy tho. They feel like a hide and seek game with your friends, like a light breeze and the warm sunlight on your skin.

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I literally sat here for 20 minutes. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY.
I am a Cap myself, but every other Capricorn that I know are so different?? I would say we are all hardworking and stubborn. We are either 100% serious or 100% goofy. No inbetween. Also mood swings.

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Aquarius are really trying to stand out. All of them are the popular guys and girls. They have BIG dreams and Im not always sure that they made plans on how to reach them. Aquarius wants to be friends with everyone, but thats not really a thing. They are really loud and babbly. I feel like a few of them are manipulating, tho they dont know they're doing it themselves. Aquarius feels like a 3 year old telling you how he wants to be a cop/princess. I have to admit tho, some of them are going places.

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Pisces are spiritual. They live every moment, realizing every detail and hearing every sound. They enjoy good moments to an extreme, but suffer extremely when it comes to problems. To be happy, they often try to satisfy others. A single ''good job!'' can make their day. These people are precious. We need to pull them close and teach them how to protect themselves. That way they will bloom and do great. Go, Pisces!

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