disclaimer: i'm not only writing this for other people but also for myself, i didn't achieve any goals last year ( maybe because i didn't set any) but this year i sure do want to. so this isn't just a guide for other people but also for me to follow.

i also know that it's already february and i'm kinda late but better late then never!

1) identify and note down your goals!!!

if you don't have goals, how are you going to achieve them? so take a little while to think about what you want and then write it down so that you can keep a track of it.

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2) make a list on how you're going to achieve them
what steps are you following? think about the process, what's the first thing you have to do? write it down!

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3) make a mood board/ dream board

i got this tip from amber scholl (watch her on youtube, she's amazing) but she made a video about mood boards and that really inspired me.

i'll link it hoping ya'll can get inspired too!

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but yes, make a mood board. get as creative as you can. make it pretty and hang it up like in you room. if you don't have space you can also make it on a collage making app and you can set it up as your laptop wallpaper or as your phone background so you see it everyday.

4) keep in check of your goals

have you signed up for the gym yet? are you saving up for the trip? did you begin writing the book you want to finish by the end of the year yet? every month or fortnight look at your goals again, have you achieved some already? if yes tick it! find ways to achieve them.

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5) stay hopeful

you might not attain your goal instantly. it'll take a while. but don't lose hope. it's really easy to lose hope but please don't. no one reaches their goal instantly. it's always a process. but you'll reach it if you try hard enough. i promise.

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6) do not think negative

stop looking at sad tumblr quotes because "its cool" or whatever and dark stuff. this isn't really a tip to achieve stuff. but more of a tip to be happy. trust me, it'll work. stop being negative and you'll see the difference. smile even if you don't feel like it (this genuinely works try it) you'll instantly feel better.

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7) find what you truly want

how are you gonna get inspired? i feel like i have only spoken about achieving goals but not really about inspiration.

read or hear or watch other people's inspirational stories. it'll give you a rush of energy and you'll feel like you can do it too. watch ted talks, im not kidding. some of them are great to just motivate you a tad bit.

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8) take care of your mental health

so important!!! this may seem like a very obvious point but you have to care of yourself. if you're not okay then you will never get motivated and never be able to take care of yourself.

(if you want me to do a post on this i can, there's a lot i have to share)

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9) you have to actually work hard lol

you won't just accomplish whatever you want by like creating a mood board or putting your thoughts in place. you actually have to work hard. you actually have to push yourself.

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so that's all i have to say... let's try our hardest and achieve our goals together.

message me if you have anything to say. lots of love xx

P.S all these pictures are from accounts on weheartit. send me a message if you want me to give you credit.

thank you to @_blueyed_