Hey guys, I thought it's better when I start with some facts about me before I really start to write Articles. I really hope someone reads this.

I'm Estefania but everyone calls me Este. The name comes from Spain, and no I'm not from Spain.

I think I'm the biggest fan from Taylor Hill!♡

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I'm 15 years old and live in Germany. But all the people who know me say I should live in California. And that's my biggest dream to live there.

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I'm totally in love with art!
I really like to draw and I can switch it off very well.

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I do sports at least 3 times a week. On Wednesday I make yoga, on Friday Workout and on Sunday I playing tennis. And when I have time I love to dance.

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I read a motivational statement every day. So I never forget what I live and how I make other people happy.

I'm vegetarian and I'm allergic to gluten. But that's not really hard for me.

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I read many books and love to watch movies.

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I'm very fashion interested. And I spent too often my money on clothes.. haha ups.

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My favorite animals are dogs, tigers, and dolphins. I wish I could have a dog but we don't have enough time for an animal.

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I wish I would live in California. I'm sorry for what I say but I hate Germany. It's boring... I'm really the happiest person in the world when it's summer. When we're on a vacation I'm all the time at the beach or in the water. The ocean is for me a home. And I can a little bit surfing what is for me on elf my biggest dreams.

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And last but not least I love to take photos of everything. I have a Nikon SD 3200.

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I hope you enjoy these little facts about me.

See ya♡