Hi guurls !
So today i decided to write an article, this is the first.
So i decided to describe me in pictures !

First : my name is Alissa, i'm 17 (soon 18) , French.

My personnality

Image by Morello Cherry bed, marry, and adventure time image meme, reaction, and cute image meme, reaction, and funny image mood, meme, and reaction image black, fuck, and girl image


netflix, dog, and animal image friends image picture, photo, and just girly things image bad girl, dirty, and getting ready image

TV show

riverdale, lili reinhart, and kj apa image art, cool, and mike image simpsons, the simpsons, and skeleton image 13 reasons why, series, and clay image Image by kamillia.213 Image by wheezy. ✧


food, nuggets, and Chicken image pizza, food, and yummy image Image by PETRA drink, chocolate, and food image cherry, coca cola, and coke image otacos image


adorable, dog, and happy image beach, animal, and turtle image Koala, cute, and animal image animals image mignon and phoque image cute, seal, and animal image

Place to visit

california, hollywood, and los angeles image beach, beauty, and blue image nature, travel, and thailand image amazing, skyscrapers, and d5100 image canada, outdoor, and nature image aussie, views, and australia image

Music (singer)

breezy, chris brown, and blue image justin bieber, cute, and purpose tour image ariana grande, dangerous woman, and dwt image nicki minaj and ️onika image rihanna, fenty, and celebrity image zayn, zayn malik, and malik image


chanel, heels, and fashion image fashion, gucci, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image shoes, gucci, and fashion image dress, goals, and pretty lady image Image by ♡ girl, dress, and friends image clothes, fashion, and girls image

I hope this article about me, will please you
Give me your opinion and tell me if i should do more
kiss kiss bitches ♡