I am a seventeen-year old girl living in Paris studying in a top university. This morning when I woke up I felt like today would be a day when I would do my usual stuffs.

And you know what… This felt wrong. Living in Paris offers me a lot of amazing opportunity, but I wish I didn’t feel so trapped. I hate spending my days stuck between four walls and a ceiling.

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This is the reason why I’m starting to think more and more about my future. I don’t want to be stuck forever. In fact, I don’t want to feel stuck right now, and this is the reason why I’m trying to figure out what makes me happy. In fact, I’ve come across this feeling so many time I lost track. But hey, this has in fact led me to challenge myself to recognise it, and now I want to share with you the differents step I’m always trying to follow:

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1) QUESTION what you BELIEVE makes you happy

I don’t think it’s unsafe to say that we live in a capitalist world and most of our so-called happiness comes from consumption. That is a fact, not the end of the world. Although I would recommend you challenge this vision of happiness if it happened to be yours, I also believe that if you find happiness in it, you shouldn’t shatter your lifestyle and vision of life.
But I believe that a great part of what we believe make us happy, has in fact been taught to us, for different reason (your parents want you to believe having a great job will make you happy, your partner wants you to believe being with them makes you happy, society wants you to believe being perfect will make you happy and so on). So question that, don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself.

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2) Don’t be afraid to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.
Although it is easier to hide away from the storm than to face it, facing the things which make you uncomfortable and scare you feels a million times better than hiding away from it all. Challenging yourself to be honest is important. If you feel like something is not right in your life, recognising it, even only to yourself, can be extremely scary and unpleasant. But what if you just admitted this truth? What if you wrote it down? You wouldn’t even have to think about it right now, but if it was written on a paper, you already know that you would feel better, and you would have the opportunity to think about it later, and even challenge yourself to change this thing which brings you unhappiness, or which keeps you from feeling genuinely good.

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Have you ever skydived? Picture this moment when you are in the plane and the moment to jump arrives. You have the choice. You can either step back and hide in the plane or make one step and jump. Do you imagine it? This feeling of relieve and ecstasy knowing that you did what you had to do? Knowing you did what you wanted to do?
Life is all about that. That thing in your life you want to get rid of? Get it out of your life. That thing you’ve been wanting to do for 10 days? 3 months? 5 years? Do it. It is not too late. You already know how happy you will feel when you’ll have achieved it and how proud you will feel.

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I wish you good luck, and feel free to contact me to tell me your story.
Lizzie Lewis