Hi everyone!

I had to write this challenge because my life is 80 % Harry Potter stuff.

Here we go!

▪️ Which house you belong to?
I'm a proud Slytherin!

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▪️ What is your Patronus?
It's a wolf! Who knew, lol..

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▪️ What is your favorite female character?
This is actually hard question. I really love Hermione in the movies but not so much in the books. Narcissa Malfoy is really awesome but so is Molly Weasley. Minerva McGonagall is a real hero. I just love her too. I can't decide. There are so many women I idolize.

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▪️ What is your favorite male character?
This is hard too! I love how Malfoy's character develops. It's so fascinating to follow how he changes from really annoying little kid to a polite man. I hate things that he did but still it's unbelievable.
I like Lupin too and Sirius is the best uncle.

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▪️ What is the female character you hate the most?
Lol. Really?

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▪️ What is the male character you hate the most?
I really hate what Peter Pettigrew did. I really hate those things. He ruined so many lives.
I hate Voldemort too. Things would have gone really differently is some one would have taken care of him when he was a little kid.

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▪️ Part that made you cry?
There was so many parts. Definitely when Battle Of Hogwarts ended. It was so sad. Too many good people died. Also when Sirius died it was horrible.

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▪️ Wand, Stone, Cloak?
Cloak. I would love to be invisible.

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▪️ What is your favorite subject?
Transfiguration. I would like herbiology too.

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▪️ A spell you would do in real life?
Accio, definitely.

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▪️ Your position in Quidditch?
A fan. I don't like ballgames, highs or speed. I would be in the ground cheering with others.

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