Hi Guys,
So I've been using weheartit for around 3 years now and I feel it to be the place I can express myself the most and I am extremely grateful for every single follower I get for it makes me feel like I am not alone.
My weheartit page is simply who I am and when I see that little pink notification,a smile spreads across my face as I feel that this is an indication of yet another person who can relate to me.So this is my second article and apart from saying thank you to all you beautiful people,I want to share a little idea I had.
Basically,ever since I've known myself,I've always had this ambition to be either a vlogger,blogger,youtuber etc.
After years of my parents disapproving of such an idea and refusing to allow me to open a youtube channel,I have finally received the approval and permission I've been ever so desperate to have.
So now I don't know why; but I feel like there are might be a few of you out there who would want to listen to my thoughts and ideas and perhaps support me on such a journey..
I love you all ever so much and please hit my chat box if you want to talk, and get to know me etc..
My youtube channel will be about:
-My thoughts & feelings
-Random vlogs with my bestie
-Recommendations such as music,tv series',books etc
-Book tutorials
and so on..
I don't have an url for it yet but I will shoot my first video today and If you guys are interested please hit my chat box on here or email me at : aqualilium13@gmail.com
Love y'all!!xxxx