This goes out to this one boy.
The one that has the most mesmerizing eyes and the most capturing smile.
I've been way too scared to let anybody in, to let my heart love someone.
And I told myself it's not true, and I tried to convince my heart that it is just your good looks, but it is not.

It is all of you.
You've got my heart.
And it hurts.

Because you're in love with my best friend. And I know you are hurting too, because she doesn't want you, but don't come running to me telling me you're never good enough. Telling me no girl will ever want you.

Because there are so many out there dying for your affection.
And I get it, I promise I do, I know how beautiful she is. I know how much better she is than anybody else.
I get it, I'd choose her too.
But it's not your fault.

If I only could I'd show you what I see in you and you wouldn't downgrade yourself ever again. You are so beautiful inside and out. And you are definetly worth of being loved. Loved so deeply that you'll never have to doubt yourself again and that you don't ever have to be hurting so much ever again.

If only you'd see yourself through my eyes.