Hey guys!
This article is about happiness. A while ago i was really depressed, could not do anything and was crying nonstop. It was really bad and at one Point I could not see a Point in living anymore but last year it got better and better and now i do not have these thoughts anymore.
Here are a few tipps for you how to be happy or how to get happy again if you are sad :(

1) SMILE :)
I know this is a Basic one but it is really important. Please smile more often it really helps because when you are down and you just stand in front of a mirror and smile at yourself, you start Feeling more confident and happy :)

2) Do what you want to do! xD
This might Sound strange but you Need to do Things you want to do. Write a To-Do List or something like this of Things you wanna do and Goals you have because then you can Focus on These Things and then you start being more productive and that is what is good for happiness. You are so bussy with reaching your Goals and doing Things you've always wanted to do that you don't have time to Think about bad Things so the bad thoughts start Fading away :)

3) listen to happy Music and read happy books :)
Listening to happy Music personally helps me a lot because i start dancing and singing to the lyrics and this just makes me really happy and books are just great but happy Stories are better than great :)

4) Talk to someone if you are Feeling bad
Talking to someone is really important if you are Feeling down and sad. I always refused to talk to anyone because i was really stubborn and scared that they might be angry at me for doing Things and Feeling this way but when they found out because of an accident that happened, they were angry but that was because i did not talk to them about all this. Now im talking to someone i trust everytime i feel down and it really helps :) Please talk to someone before it gets to bad!

5) eat healthy and work out!
eating healty personally helps me a lot because i have more energy over the day and working out also helps me because i start Feeling so good after im done with the workout. Im always so proud of me when im done with a workout because it makes me proud to know that i was strong enough to finish the workout :)

Okay so this were the Tipps i had for you and i hope that it helps a bit.
When you Need to talk to someone you can just text me here on Whi and i will answer you back :)
i love you guys ! :) thanks for reading this article :)