Star Wars was one of the first sagas that showed us that women had power and that they could fight too. So this article is about the main star wars´s warrior female characters.

Padme Amidala:

Main female character of the prequels, we first meet her as queen of her natal planet, Naboo. But she needs to act as the queen´s handmaiden to scape those who try to kill her. We can see her fighting to save her live and to stop a war. In the next film we can see a grown-up Padme who now is senator of Naboo, and is part of the opposition in the Coruscant Senate, where she fights against senator Palpatine´s abuse of power. In that film we can see her fighting again to help the jedi. Finally, in the last film she is part of a secret group which tries to get Palpatine out the senator´s posittion.

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Jyn Erso:

She only appears at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but we can already see she is a true fighter. She is arrested because her father took part in the construction of the Death Star, but after he tries to send a message to her saying there was a way of destroying his creation, she is send in a mission to discover the truth. After that we can see her trying to survive, fighting to help the Rebel Alliance and put an end to Palpatin´s reign.

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Leia Organa:

She is introduced as Princess of Alderaan, but when she is caught by the imperial forces she shows us her courage. And well, when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo rescue her, she is the one to lead them. After that we can see her taking the place of the Rebel Alliance commander and involving herself in the Alliance missions, even if that means risking her life.

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At first she is introduced as basically no one, who lives in a sand planet and fights to eat and live one more day. But after meeting Finn, her live changes, which doesn´t mean she stops fighting. She discovers her strong conecction to the force, and even uses a lightsaber, nearly killing Kylo Ren. After that, she tries to find Luke Skywalker and takes an active role in the Rebel Alliance, trying to stop the First Order.

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Well, we still don´t know much about her, only that she is Han Solo´s best friend and has known him for basically his whole life. Nevertheless, Emilia Clarke (british actress who portrays this character) has already said that she fights to survive. And after all, female characters in Star Wars are always fighters. We´ll have to wait till "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story" is realeased to know more.

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