I found this contest through these amazing hearters above (go give them a follow! 😄) I thought it'd be a cool way to introduce myself and hopefully find others with the same interests as me 🙆

The Basics

♥ my name is Destini ("i" not "y" 🙅)
♥ I turned 18 last October ♎
♥ I'm American, currently living in RVA
♥ I speak English fluently and in the process of learning Spanish and French
//next: some of my passions//


Image by Alex camera, photography, and sony image
There's just something so magical about photographs; a piece of a memory forever in print.


lasagna image chocolate, food, and dessert image
I'm not that great at this particular skill, but whenever i'm in the process of a recipe I just lose track of time and get lost in the action.


animal, free, and save image food, medieval, and soup image
Whether it be helping animals or feeding the less fortunate, making another's day makes my whole week.

Pro Wrestling 💪 👊

Abusive image
gif, wwe, and the shield image
(^^ one of my fave eras btw) What I love so much about wrestling is how absorbed you get into the story and how close you can get with the characters. It's a much different experience than another other tv show in my opinion.

Favorites (2s)

Color: teal and lavender
Food - Hawaiian pizza 🍍🍕 and spinach ravioli 🍝
Soda - Root Beer and Frostie Blue Cream
TV Show - Psych 📺 and Bob's Burgers 🍔
Movie - Coraline 🐱 and Aladdin 🐯
Book - Crazy Is My Superpower 📖 and Batman: Knightfall 📚
Music - Indie Rock 🎸 and R&B 🎶

Extra Info

♥ I'm a twin! (born 9 hours before my brother -- crazy, right?)
♥ I'm an advocate for Autism Awareness
♥ I have a 2 yr old pitbull, Leo (aka loml ❤) 🐶
♥ I watch Youtube more than Cable 💻
♥ I love Tim Burton movies 🎬
♥ My favorite computer game is Sims♦ 🎮

//I hope I didn't bore you too much, If you wanna become friends or just talk, send me a postcard ♡//