That's it! The small percentage of people who actually accomplish their New Years Resolutions. The most common goal tends to be becoming more fit. If that's one of your goals keep reading...otherwise keep reading. Exercise benefits everyone and is proven to boost people's moods' and energy.

Becoming fit

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Seeing other people working out with results motivates me. Especially transformation pictures. I follow a bunch of Instagrams. When, I look at Instagram I don't get stuck on it because I see all kinds of working out videos. They motivate me at least to get off my a** to start becoming fit.

How to begin

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Start with a small simple task that will make you feel better if you have a long day. Making your bed is a small accomplishment and is a domino effect to encourage you to want to accomplish more. Than get in some workout clothes and grab a glass of water. (if you're like me brush your teeth because morning breath literally stinks.) Then, do an exercise and add on to it every day so you challenge yourself.

Seeing results

Lately, I've been seeing results slowly but surely. The thing that most people don't realize is your weight fluctuates during the day. For example in the morning during my workout, I see my abs more clearly, but at night they aren't as easy to see.

Stick to it!

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Drink Water to lose more and stay hydrated. Eat a ton so you can use the food to fuel your workout. Remember to try to eat healthily, but don't cut yourself off completely.

Headphones or Buddies

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I hope by the end of the year you will join me in the 8%. If not maybe scroll through some other articles and possibly find my other resolutions. Anyways cheers to you for even reading all this!