Stop for a moment!

Remember everything you have, not everything you think you should have, but you don't have, just appreciate what you have.

Think about where you are now, and where were you before you've let Lord lead your life.

There are things I wouldn't do if I were the same me. God makes my view clearer and He gives me so much blessings. I am happy because God forgave me all my sins. It's crazy when I look back and see how God has used it to bring me closer to Him. Thank You, God! I want to go live my life, but with You. I want You to lead my life. Because everything You do is amazing. You are the only reason I made it this far. When I felt tired and wanted to gave up Your grace led me.

God should be the center of our life. When you think your problem can't be solved, leave it to God. He wants to help you. Pray and talk to Him!
Love Him with all your heart. You are amazing! You are child of God! You are precious to Him! He'll never leave you! Trust Him! Be thankful for everything He's ever done for you, for everything He's doing right now and for everthing He's about to do.

Have a great weekend!
God bless!