Hi everyone! My name is Alegra (not real :P) I'm Turkish so my English is not so good, sorry for that. But I hope you can understand me. Here's my article;
We all girls and boys, more girls, want to lose weight. We try so much things to do it. But usually we give up and we keep eating. To lose weight, you do NOT have to leave eating. You just need to eat healthy and you should be active. I lost 35 pounds (approximately 15 kg) and today I am going to share what did I do. So let's start!

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But when you do it, please research this. Eating healthy is not just eating fruits, vegetables. You can eat dark chocolate, meat and sometimes unhealthy foods. You should do it balanced. Learn about eaitng healthy.


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I know, you heard it everywhere but seriously drinking water is amazing. If you can't drink just water, you can add some fruits, mint or cinnamon sticks to your water.


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At the beginning, I was ashamed about take foods to school (or work I don't know) But now I am pround of myself. I can say no to unhealhty foods and I eat my own foods for myself, my body. And my idol is Romee Strijd because she travels so much but even so she can live healhty. You can look her on youtube.


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I know it is hard but the best motivation is the feeling after work out, looking some fit people photos. Start baby steps. YOU CAN DO IT.


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(Not without Marvel :D)
Losing weight is not going to do in a week or in a day. You need patience. You can lose weight in a month, a year. It is about you. If you can be patient, you can do it.

So, this is end. But the most important thing is losing weight for YOURSELF. Not for looking good to others, not to be like Vİctoria's Secret angels, do it for your body healhty. You are going to live in this body and you can give shape.

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