Hi everybody, so if your reading this right now I would like to say T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H, LOL. But frfrfrfr Thank You for taking your time out to read this. This is my first article that I've written EVER. So thank you again.
So Let's Get To What The Title Says:

So I L O V E music with a freaking P A S S I O N. Like dawg, if y'all a real music listener like I am, like if you listen to all types of music, from pop to hip hop, r&b (FAVORITE) to rap, k-pop (AHHH!!) to j-pop, aesthetic type music (Don't really know what genre it is but......yeah), then we can surely be BESTFRIENDS.
So these are some of the songs that I vibe too on a daily basis (NOT EVEN HALF OF IT)
(WARNING: This list will be ALOT of different genres, Hope You Love It)

S O N G S:
• Ocean ~ TK Kravitz Ft. Jacquees
• Persephone ~ Yumi Zouma (I actually got this song from someone on WeHeartIt)
• Depths (Pt.I) ~ Yumi Zouma (This one too)
• Sativa ~ Jhene Aiko Ft. Swae Lee
• Lovely ~ Brent Faiyaz
• Talk 2 U ~ Brent Faiyaz
• Know What I Want ~ Kali Uchis
• Melting ~ Kali Uchis
• After The Storm ~ Kali Uchis Ft. Tyler,The Creator, Bootsy Collins
• Intro: Serendipity ~ BTS (JIMIIIINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!)
• Just One Day ~ BTS
• Bad Boy ~ Red Velvet
• Fruit ~ ABRA
• Get Down ~ TyUs
• ICY GRL ~ Saweetie
• Wait A Minute! ~ Willow Smith
• Savior ~ Iggy Azalea
• Nadating ~ Ronnie Banks
• Realiti ~ Grimes

~~ BaByCaKes_t